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Portrait Photography

Russell Neal portrait photography is here to help you create the perfect portrait, be it a headshot for your corporate website, a portrait of you and you loved or even you pet. We have been creating portraits in our studio since 2009 and cover a range of portraiture and have a package to suit everyone’s needs! We believe in taking the time and care to create beautiful timeless portraits that stand the test of time by using the highest quality products available.


The Studio

Our Bishop’s Stortford studio uses the latest studio equipment and high-end editing techniques to give you a top quality clean and crisp images. Portrait sessions usually take about an hour to get a good variety of images but can be booked for longer if required. We will invite you to bring a couple of different tops for different looks and we will help you decide what looks best as we review the images on the screen as we go.

If you prefer, we can take the experience outside and use mother nature as a backdrop which is sometimes  preferable for larger groups. We will assist you from the moment you contact us until the final images are hanging proudly in your home.


All portraits are meticulously edited by Russell to the very highest standard.

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer photographs children's Headshots Portraits
Max Pet Portrait  960

Studio Portrait Fee

Studio portraits are ideal for couples that want a special portrait or for small families of up to 5 adults. If you need more than 5, get in touch as we can make alternative arrangements. To book, simply get in contact with us and we will arrange a date and time and talk you through what you may wish to bring and talk about any ideas you have. We have plenty of examples in the portrait portfolio for you to take a look at.

Most portrait shoots last around 1 hour so you will soon be on your way while we start to work on the editing process. Once the best images are selected and edited we will invite you back in to see the final pictures where you can place your orders.

Our portrait session fee is £35 and includes:

  • 1 hour session in our Bishop’s Stortford studio
  • Choice of light or dark backdrops in studio
  • A password protected online gallery
  • FREE photoshop retouching on any image purchased
  • Viewing session usually 7-10 days after portrait shoot
Family portraits in Bishops Stortford studio

Location Portraits Fee

If you are looking for a more natural set of images or have a larger group, the outdoor  locations like a parks, gardens or even a beach are a perfect option. All our equipment is mobile so we can go practically anywhere subject to permission.

Once you contact us and make a booking we can talk to you about and ideas and needs you have and arrange a date for the portrait shoot. Other than an traveling expenses the pricing is the same as the studio shoot.

If we have to cancel the shoot due to the weather, we can simply rearrange it at no extra cost to you.

Our location portrait session fee is £35 and includes:

  • 1 -2 hour session in locations
  • A password protected online gallery
  • FREE photoshop retouching on any image purchased
  • Viewing session usually 7-10 days after portrait shoot
Lifestyle Portrait Packages and amazing engagement photographs

Professional Headshot Package Fee

First impressions count for everything in today’s society which is why it is imperative that you have a good quality professional portrait. These are perfect for LinkedIn, Facebook, your website or even your CV profile pictures. Our headshot session usually takes less than an hour but can be booked for more if required. We invite you to bring a couple of different tops for different looks and we will help you decide what looks best as we review the images on screen as we go. If you need make up we have a makeup artist who can be booked and attend the shoot with you.

Our headshot package fee is £95 includes:

  • 1 hour session in our Bishop’s Stortford headshot studio
  • Direction and advice as the shoot takes place
  • Choice of light or dark backdrops in studio
  • A password protected online gallery
  • FREE retouching on the final image of your choice
  • Download of all digital files of images taken
Example of executive headshot portrait
Headshots for LinkedIn & Facebook profiles