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Commercial Info



Russell Neal Photography provides  professional product photography at value prices to new or established business in and around Bishops Stortford area.

Specialising in basic styling, lighting and creative post-processing at our Bishops Stortford studio.

Most products  photographed are considered table top products, these are often small to medium in size and will fit securely on our shooting table.

Lifestyle product photography or clean white backgrounds?

We offer clean, traditional catalog-style product photography on solid white or natural backgrounds. Products including food, drink, package design, cosmetics and jewellery.

Lifestyle product photography can include food items or outdoor locations.

Click here for the product portfolio


Rates for product photography

Set up fee £25

Cost per image with editing included

1-3 images £19.95

3-9 images £14.95

10-19 images £9.95

20 + images £8.95





We provide a variety of commercial photography to small local businesses and national companies.

Commercial Photography covers many formats. This non exhaustive list below covers some of the most popular.

If your company would benefit from an experienced photographer contact us

  • Small product photography
  • Commercial events
  • Formal or working business portraits
  • Advertising
  • Formal or informal headshots

Bishops Stortford Commercial Photography Model Shoot


Seen enough?

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We can usually respond back to you within a few minutes or email info@russnealphoto.com